3 Tips for Commercial Tick Control

Ticks are a nuisance to homeowners, but they can also be a problem for business owners. Ticks are small and like to hide in various places, which makes it likely that you or a customer will encounter one or several throughout your lifetime. You can keep customers and clients at your commercial business from encountering ticks, though, by trimming the grass, making a barrier, and using pesticides.

Trim Tall Grasses

The exterior of your commercial building should be kept manicured and neat for aesthetic reasons, but commercial tick control friendswood professionals also recommend keeping the grass trimmed to reduce tick populations. Ticks enjoy tall grass, using the blades to find and latch onto prey. Get rid of weeds and keep grass short to minimize ticks present on your commercial property and avoid future problems.

Build a Moat

You don’t have to surround your commercial building with water, but it’s a good idea to sequester the building and keep any insects in nearby wooded areas where they belong. Ticks, particularly, favor woodlands and will likely nest in wooded areas, which can make some sort of barrier essential to controlling ticks. Use mulch to separate your property from wooded areas, as the dryness will keep ticks away.

Use Pesticides

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Sometimes ticks are difficult to control, and your commercial property may be limited in the adjustments that can be made to keep ticks at bay. You can treat ticks using an insecticide, but you will want to speak with professionals and make sure you don’t spray anything dangerous on your property or harm other animals and insects. Professionals can also do the spraying themselves, so you have nothing to worry about.

Your commercial property doesn’t have to succumb to ticks and other insects. By taking control and keeping these tick control tips in mind, you won’t encounter any of these little buggers and can continue running your business with no worries of ticks causing problems.