Do You Go Easy With This Hay Spear?

Have no sweat. The job will get done eventually. You know this well enough. Been there and done that as far as seasonal farming events go. It’s that time of the year again and you’ve got all hired hands on deck. The job gets done alright. Only the thing is; it’s a morning to night job. So you would have thought. You may as well go easy on the hay. But no, of course you and the hired hands can’t. Because all those bales of hay that still need to be stacked are pretty heavy, right?

double bale hay spear

Right. So, here’s what you do then. To go easy on the hay. And to get the work done in next to no time, but no less efficiently, get yourself a double bale hay spear then. By dint of its name, you can already see that you’ll be getting double the work done in less the time it took you before. And what makes the double bale hay spear still more efficient is the fact that its mechanical. You can even hook it up to your tractor.

So because this superb agricultural device is mechanical, what do your part-time casual, seasonal laborers do then? Stand around with their hands in their pockets while you scoot about on your tractor? You think not! Just because it’s mechanized, doesn’t mean your crew can’t operate the device. The fact that they’re a hardworking crew, always willing to learn new things, should already count for something.

So, that part’s easy. Because get this. Learning how to operate the double bale hay spear is easy enough as it is. And it’s easy to store, clean and maintain as well. Farming is hard work already. So this device ought to lighten the load for you.