All You Need to Know About Invoices

If you’re a freelancer or a business owner, then sometimes, invoices are going to be a part of life. You bill a client for the time you spend working on a project. You’ll want to discuss the terms beforehand with the client. You’ll want to make sure you’re setting everything out clearly for your client so they’re not taken by surprise by an invoice when the time comes for payment.

If you’re new to sending invoices, here’s some frequently asked questions you should know the answers to about the whole process.

Invoicing FAQ’s

Knowing the answers to some frequently asked questions about invoicing and how the whole process works will help you keep it simple and understand:

1.    When do I send an invoice?

You should send your invoice when an order is complete, or when you’re done with individual tasks. If your client is on a subscription service with you or has a contract with you for continual services, then you’ll have to get used to sending regular invoices. You’ll also want to create a schedule for billing so that you’ll know when you should be expecting money.

2.    How do I send an invoice?

Find an invoice template, or choose one from an online invoice creation platform such as Aynax.com, add the date, and add details about yourself, your client, the services or products you provided them, and the expected costs.

3.    What do I do after invoicing?


After you send your invoice, give your client time to respond and pay their bill. If you don’t hear anything after a few days, call your client and make sure they received and saw the invoice.

These are the basics of handling an invoice. If you’re freelancing or you own a business, then you’ll get used to the process soon enough. Invoicing can be a stressful process, learning all the basics, but it doesn’t have to be. Once you’ve got it down, it’ll become just another part of your workflow. 


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